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Microcomputer Forming-packing Machine for Dressing Medicated Gauzes

Microcomputer Forming-packing Machine for Dressing Medicated Gauzes

1.The mahine is applied to producing wound-protection dressing medicated gauzes for suigery and wound in suigery operation.Namely,it can automatically strip,stick,recombine,forming packaging and cut off such drum-shaped materials as adhesive tape,absorbent cushion and release paper.It has the function of automatic feeding waste after forming.
2.The machine adopts double microcomputer to locate through photo-electricity control;displaying states with digital;controlling length with panel;alarming on arrival of digital and with function of protecting data when power cut.
Main funtions & used :  
The mahine is:it can produce abnormal dressing medicated gauzes of all varieties.Easy to set length;high accuracy at location;steady at delivering material;with even tension and regulating peed through frequency conversion.The whole machine operates easily and simple with its steady functions.
Main technical parameter :
Speed for cutting
10-50 piece/min
Width for cutting
Length for cutting

Accuracy of location

Main Motor adopt Variable Frequency Converter
Atmospheric pressure
Power of main motor with regulating speed through frequency conversion
~380V±10%,50HZ(three-phase four-wire) The whole machine 4050×700×1800mm
Weight 1500kg