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Microcomputer Die-cutting Machine FZD600 Model

Microcomputer Die-cutting Machine FZD600 Model

1.The machine is used for slitting gold cards,sliver cards,adhesive,plastic,non-woven fabrics,and transverse shearing plastic films,paperboards,medical pads and beer superscript as well.
2.The machine employs microcomputer optical controller in positioning,state digital displayer,length panel controller.It can automatically adjust its running speed,automatically alarm at countdown,and count and protect upon power-off.

Main funtions & used :  
Frequency speed govemor,stable performance,convenient length setting,location with high precision and even tension.

Main technical parameter :
Speed for cutting
Widh for cutting
Length for cutting 20-1200mm  Accuracy of location ±0.4mm
Power of main motor with regulating speed through frequency conversion
 Power source  220V 50Hz
The whole machine  2850(L)×700(W)×900(H)mm Weight 850kg