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Microcomputer Forming Machine for Dressing Medicated Gauzes

Microcomputer Forming Machine for Dressing Medicated Gauzes

1.The mahine is applied to producing wound-protection dressing medicated gauzes for suigery and wound in suigery operation.Namely,it can automatically strip,stick,recombine and cut off such drum-shaped materials as adhesive tape,absorbent cushion and release paper,shaping once and for all. It has the function of automatic feeding waste after forming. 
2.The machine adopts double microcomputer to locate through photo-electricity control;displaying states with digital;controlling length with panel;alarming and sending out automatically on arrival of digital and with function of protecting data when power cut. 

Main funtions & used :  
The mahine is:it can produce abnormal dressing medicated gauzes of all varieties.Easy to set length;high accuracy at location;steady at delivering material;with even tension and regulating peed through frequency conversion.The whole machine operates easily and simple with its steady functions. 

Main technical parameter :
Speed for cutting
Accuracy of location
Width for cutting 40-300mm Length for cutting 20-300mm
Power of main moto
Atmospheric pressure 3kw
Power source ~380V±10%,50HZ weight 2000kg
The whole machine 3350L×1160W×2000H(mm