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Automatic forming-packing Machine with Roll-type Cutter for woundplast

Automatic forming-packing Machine with Roll-type Cutter for woundplast

1.The mahine is applied to forming and automatic packing woundplast,i.e.automatically strapping,sticking,compounding,packaging,cutting by rolling and forming the drum-type materials like adhesive tapes,water uptake pads,uncovering paper respectively. 
2.The machine adopts microcomputer control,advanced fixed length and positioning control system LCD,feat Ouring printing,tracking and automatic alarming after reaching the set quantity and with counting protector while it is power off. 
Main functions & used :
This machine is:without noise tension automatically without pulling or extending of products,packing automatic,regulating speed through frequency conversion.The whole machine operates easily and simple with tis steady functions. 

Main technical parameter :
Speed for cutting
Accuracy of location
Power of main moto
Power of motors for collecting & delivering materials
Power source ~380V±10%,50HZ stepping motor 110×2、86×1
weight 1200kg The whole machine 3100×650×1800mm